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Bridal Makeup Trends for 2024 - What's In, What's Out

Let's kick off the new year with some of my thoughts about trends in wedding makeup for 2024, what's in and what's out. While I don't recommend following trends as a general rule, some trends are actually timeless and get promoted as "trends" even though they remain classic choices:⁠


⁠▫️Glowy natural enhancement - this look is timeless and not likely to go anywhere anytime soon! Natural enhancement makeup with glowing skin (AKA #softnaturalglam) is a timeless choice that you'll never regret. This look is all about defining and highlighting - not changing - your own ⁠natural beauty with emphasis on natural makeup colors.

Timeless soft natural glam makeup, makeup by Tabitha Colie

▫️Pops of color - we've seen years of neutral and nude colors. But pops of color are making a return in wedding decor so why not a pop of color on the face as well? A statement lip or a perfectly placed bright cheek are beautiful choices that won't feel overdone. For a more modern moment, try an ombre red lip that artfully blends a bold red with your own natural lip color.

A statement lip color is also a classic choice, makeup by Tabitha Colie. Photo by Hazel Malia.

▫️Balletcore - there are tones of pink for every complexion, and it's just so darn pretty on everyone. I hear ballet pink makeup is going to be THE bridal aesthetic for 2024 and I'm 100% here for it. This also blends well with another one of my favorite makeup trends: the monochromatic look.

Ballet pink is gorgeous bridal makeup on eyes, cheeks, and lips. Makeup by Tabitha Colie

▫️More dogs, not less dogs - OK I made this one up and it has nothing to do with makeup. I just really want to meet your dog so make sure to bring them, mmmkay? 🐶⁠

More dogs please! Makeup by Tabitha Colie


⁠▫️Using Pinterest for makeup inspo - sorry not sorry: the vast majority of Pinterest bridal makeup pics are heavily edited and also just HEAVY. Have a real convo with your artist about what you like and don't like so you aren't shocked by the result. Brides and bridesmaids often show me the same "simple" and "natural" photos from Pinterest as inspiration. Unfortunately, the amount of makeup and editing in these photos is nowhere near simple OR natural! If that's the look you want then I'm more than happy to give it to you, but let's have a real conversation first about your goals and priorities. We'll make sure we are on the same page so you get exactly what you want.

⁠▫️Letting anyone else dictate your bridal vibe - whether that's your bestie, your mom, or anyone else, you get to decide what makes you feel beautiful on a very important day in your life.

⁠▫️Choosing your wedding day glam team based on budget alone - yes weddings are expensive but think about this: your dress, your hair, and your makeup are all about YOU. Everything else is for the other people who will celebrate with you. And frankly, they are all there to see you so why not show up as your best self!

Still looking for your wedding day MUA? My 2024 books are open!

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