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Where will we meet for our trial? 

I work freelance, so I'll come to you. Travel fees may apply for locations outside of Hood River - we will discuss that during the quote process.

Can we do my trial in Portland without incurring travel fees? 

Quite possibly! Let's talk. 

I don't live in the area, how can we do a trial? 

If you don't live here, then we'll schedule your trial for when you are in town to do pre-wedding planning. If you are planning from afar and won't be in town until just before your wedding, then we can arrange for a video consultation. Please know that there is no good substitute for an in-person trial, but I understand that there are some circumstances that make it prohibitive.

How far in advance should I schedule my trial?

Because so many things can change between the time you get engaged and your wedding day, I recommend scheduling your trial no sooner than 4-8 weeks from your wedding date. During the course of planning your wedding you may explore different themes that could change the overall vibe of your look. You may also change your hair color, get a tan, and other variables that impact the color palette we choose for your day-of look. Things will go smoother on the big day if we are able to take those variables into account during your trial. 

Why is bridal makeup more expense than non-bridal?

Simply put, it takes more time and requires more attention to detail. I also give every bride a touch-up kit that includes blotting papers, sponge, a lip gloss, and a makeup remover wipe.


Do you have a minimum for bridal day-of services?

I have a 3-person or equivalent services minimum for all Fri-Sat-Sun weddings. 

Do you have a maximum for bridal day-of services?

For parties more than 6 people, or if there are significant time constraints, I will bring in an assistant or second artist to help at no additional cost to you.

I'm gluten-free/vegan/allergic. Do you use gluten-free/vegan/hypo-allergenic products?

Please let me know if you have any special sensitivities, product requests, or other unique considerations. I will do my absolute best to accommodate you.

You aren't available on my wedding date. Can you provide a referral to another makeup artist? 

Yes! I love referrals. Need another makeup artist or wedding/event vendor of any kind? I do makeup and I know things. 

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