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DIY Wedding Day Makeup

There are all kinds of reasons why you might choose to do your own wedding makeup. Maybe you love makeup, have an aptitude for it, and know you'll knock it out of the park. Or perhaps you don't like to wear a lot of makeup and feel more comfortable in control of your look. You might be wanting a more budget-friendly option, or - horror of horrors - you waited until the last minute and no artists are available.

First: it's going to be OK! You've GOT this, and I'm here to offer you a step-by-step breakdown on how to achieve one of my favorite looks from last wedding season. Try it yourself or use as inspiration for your next big event - this look is a classic, pair with a bold lip and a big smile!

Step 1: Prep the canvas Cleanse, tone, and moisturize using a hydrating cream like this one from Le Clair Step 2: Set brows Enhance your natural brow color and set hairs in place with Jane Iredale's Brow Gel Step 3: Natural eyes that pop Sweep a neutral taupe shade like Grace by Kjaer Weis over the entire eyelid, into the crease, and below the lower lash line.

Use a rich black pencil to line the upper lash line, getting as close to the lashes as possible. Leave the line crisp or give it a softer, smokier look, using a small smudge brush to gently smudge the line.

Curl lashes and apply 2 coats of a volumizing mascara - make sure it's waterproof if this look is for a wedding! Step 4: Glowing skin With a damp cotton swab, clean up any powder that has fallen under the eyes.

Use a foundation brush or Beauty Blender to apply a medium coverage foundation - I am currently loving True Skin Serum Foundation by Ilia.

Dot concealer in one shade lighter than your foundation onto any areas that need a little extra attention - under eyes, blemishes - and then blend, blend, blend using a blending brush.

Bring on the big glow with a cream-based bronzer/blush/highlighter all-in-one like Westman Atelier's Super Loaded Tinted Highlight. Step 5: Lips to remember Line the lip with a lip pencil for the longest wear, and then play it safe with a rosy neutral or make things memorable with a bold statement lip. My favorite: Darkroom by Kosas. Step 6: Set it and forget it

Use a big fluffy brush or a powder push to lightly dust a translucent setting powder like Unpowder by RMS all over to set your makeup in place.

Step 7: Get out there and make a splash!

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