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5 Reasons to Hire a Makeup Artist on Your Wedding Day

Photo by Kate Schwager

So you’re getting married soon and you’re hearing from friends, family, wedding planners, and social media that hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day might be a good idea. But perhaps you don’t wear much (or any) makeup on a regular basis and you’re concerned about looking like yourself. Plus, everything around wedding planning costs so much. Is this additional expense really worth it?

I know that as a makeup artist specializing in weddings and events that you might think I am particularly biased, but hear me out. There are 5 really good reasons why you should consider hiring a professional makeup artist on your wedding day:

1. Natural looks still require makeup: Many of the brides I work with here in the Gorge are earthy, natural beauties who seldom wear makeup. A key concern, especially if you aren’t used to seeing yourself in makeup, is looking like yourself on your wedding day. My specialty is natural glam, and I use makeup to bring out the best version of you – not to mask, hide, or change anything about you (except the occasional stress blemish). But even the most natural looks still require makeup to ensure that your features don’t wash out in your photos. You’re paying a pretty penny for your photographer to follow you around all day – makeup is an essential part of the finished product.

2. Stress less on your wedding day: Maybe you wear makeup regularly and are considering doing it yourself. Sure, you could save a little money. But there is SO MUCH happening on your wedding day and it will go by in one big blur. The time you spend getting ready is the only peaceful time you will have all day to get centered and prepare for upcoming whirlwind. So why take on the stress of doing your own makeup when you can sit down, close your eyes, and relax while a professional works her magic?

3. High quality product: All makeup is not created equally. Inexpensive product full of cheap fillers can look funky under different lighting situations. It’s generally loaded with stuff that at best is not great for the long term health of your skin and the environment, and at worst can cause rashes and breakouts – not what you want on your wedding day! A makeup artist worth their salt will use high quality product that will be healthy for your skin and maintain color integrity throughout the day. I use only high quality, luxurious nontoxic makeup and skin care products, carefully selecting the right product for your skin type and your desired look.

4. Application techniques help makeup stay in place: Makeup artists are trained in application techniques that will help your makeup to stay put so that it doesn’t slide off in the hot summer sun and wind conditions. While a quick swipe of powder on your nose might be enough for you 99% of the time in life, you’ll need something much more heavy-duty if you’re planning an outdoor wedding in the Gorge in the summertime.

5. You are the BRIDE: I’ll say it again: YOU are the BRIDE and this is the day you get to put on a dream dress and walk down the aisle - it’s your red carpet day and all eyes will be on you. You wouldn’t attend the Oscars without hair and makeup, why skip it on your wedding day? Hire a makeup artist to look your most radiant, happy self – the best possible version of you – in your photos and video.

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