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Balms to Beautify Winter Skin

Winter has arrived and the struggle is real! Cold temps outdoors coupled with forced air heating indoors conspire to rob our skin of its vital moisture, resulting in dryness on your most vulnerable skin: face, lips, hands and feet. Whether you're planning for an upcoming event or just trying to keep it real as possible for as long as possible, the last thing you need is parched, peeling skin. Your mission is to hydrate well from the inside out and then use products that help to replenish and seal in hydration from the outside.

It turns out that good things come in little black glass jars, or at least three of my favorite winter balms do:

One of my favorite natural beauty discoveries of 2017 is the world of May Lindstrom Skin. Her Blue Cocoon beauty balm concentrate is like no other balm I've ever used. It's a waxless, waterless formulation that transforms into a serum-like consistency once warmed up on your skin. Everything about the Blue Cocoon is luxe, from the texture to the incredible scent. And it's versatile - blue tansy oil makes it healing and anti-inflammatory, suitable for all skin types. A little of this goes a very long way - I apply it nightly as a finishing treatment, adding a little extra as an under eye treatment. I've used perhaps a quarter of the jar above and I bought it way back in May! This is one of those products I'll never again be without. I'd slather it all over if I could afford to.

Kahina Giving Beauty is one of those companies that is doing it right. Their products use argan oil extracted from the forests of Morocco, which the women of the region harvest. Kahina Giving Beauty pays them fair wages and also donates a portion of their revenue to programs that support the women and their families. Their dreamy Fez Hand and Body Balm is richly nourishing with an earthy fragrance, and lives on my nightstand where I apply it to my hands, feet, and elbows before slipping into aromatic slumber.

Kari Gran's lip whips deliver the sheerest hint of lip color while sealing in moisture. My favorite is Peppermint, which tastes lovely and last a long time. Use it on its own or as a top coat over a lighter lip hydrator to lock in moisture and give a plumping effect.

Good luck out there!

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