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Lush Lashes, 4 Ways

When it comes to weddings, lush lashes are what everyone wants. Fluffy, feathery lashes are ultra feminine and look winsome in photos. Depending on your budget and how much time you have, there are a few different ways to achieve a luxe lash look.

Lash Extensions - This is the most dazzling, yet natural looking option. Lash extensions both lengthen and add volume to your own fringe. A talented lash extension artist can help you achieve the exact look that you are going for, while rendering mascara almost completely unnecessary. If you have the funds (initial applications can run upwards of $150 for the initial application, $45+ for touch-ups every 2-4 weeks) and the time (a new set can take about 2 hours, touch ups around an hour), then lash extensions are an excellent choice. Many brides apply extensions for the wedding and then discover they love them so much that they continue to keep up the service.

False Lashes - False lashes can look good if you want a more dramatic look. They are available in so many different styles now that you can find a really nice set of natural lashes that could almost pass for your own. A caveat - using strip lashes for your wedding can be tricky. If you cry AT ALL, you must be so careful with your lashes lest a corner lose its glue and pop up. This fact alone is enough to make many brides decide against strip lashes. We can also use individual lashes to create a more natural fan fringe that will be less likely to cause issues in case of tears. This beauty below is wearing individual lashes that I applied.

Individual bridal lashes

Lash Serum - There are a lot of serums out there with well-known names, but the one I use is Plume. I can say with confidence, that my own natural eyelashes are ridiculously long when I use Plume. They are so long that I actually have to take breaks from Plume so that they don't get too long and spidery. If you want to read a good review of Plume that explains why it's important to choose a nontoxic lash serum instead of a mainstream one, then read this one on this blog that I love. Serums work best if you use them consistently (daily) for at least 6 weeks. Plume is on the expensive side, but it really does give nice results. AND they make a brow serum in case you want to give yours a boost.

Lash Conditioner - Using a lash conditioner is the easiest way to quickly build up your own lashes for a slightly more dramatic lash look. My favorite is PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner by Jane Iredale. It's nontoxic and instantly fattens and lengths lashes when applied before applying mascara. It can also be used as a nighttime treatment. Note that because beeswax is one of the ingredients it is not vegan, in case that is a concern of yours.

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