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5 Essentials for Every Bride’s Beauty Bag

Your wedding is a big blur, believe me when I say this. You will not want to be burdened by a big handbag full of supplies at the reception, and most likely you won’t need much. After all, when all of your vendors, including me, are done doing their work you’ll be left with nothing to do except ENJOY your day and bask in the love of your partner, friends, and family.

I recommend that your cute little bride bag is packed lightly with just a few essentials:

1. Blotting papers – your makeup should be holding steady, but the stress of the day coupled with warm weather (Summer brides, take note) can lead to oilier skin. Instead of applying more powder, your skin will look most naturally flawless if you gently blot away any excess oil. My favorites are from Boscia.

2. Lipstick – this is a must – between your first kiss (and all the ones that will follow), your reception meal, wedding cake, and champagne, your lipstick will need to be touched up throughout the night. I strongly recommend that you buy the color that we select during your makeup trial. However, if you don’t purchase your lipstick color then I will give you a touch-up kit to take with you.

3. Mints – it’s not just the groom (or bride) who wants to kiss the bride – everybody does! You'll be leaning in and having a lot of close conversations, so fresh, clean breath should be part of your totally gorgeous package. I love Aveda’s Peppymint for it’s power and portability.

4. Tissues – maybe there’s someone out there who doesn’t tear up on their wedding day, but I haven’t met them yet! Keep tissues on-hand to carefully dab your eyes and your makeup should be no worse for the wear. Sniff makes the cutest.

5. Double-sided fashion tape – Hopefully this won’t be needed at all. But, just in case, double-sided tape can solve a lot of problems on the fly! From holding straps in place to repairing small tears, you can also use it to carefully lift anything that has landed on your dress that might smear if wiped with a napkin. Bring a couple of strips of Hollywood Fashion Tape – they won’t take up any space in your bag and you'll be glad you have them if you need them.

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